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Blending wood with composite resins to create contemporary art forms isn’t new. Phil however wanted to experiment with resins to create the illusion of water, to emulate an ocean coastline after the experiences of Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Back home in the UK, English woods such as Yew, London Plane, Cedar and Oak are selected and used to represent land and coloured resin is applied to replicate the ocean.

With techniques Phil has created to simulate an expanse of water, the process provides the illusion of motion as you move past the table to create a truly magical effect for the Coastal table range.

For further effect the tables are under lit with LED lighting to glow through the resin and produce an amazing evening experience to capture the image of a moonlit sea.

With a little sprinkle of glitter this also creates the impression of sunlight or moonlight dancing on the water’s surface.

The finish of the tables is deliberately rustic in style producing a free flow art form to express warmth and charm.

In his quest for unique wood Phil has been able to source a limited supply of Elm. This died out in the UK some 40 years ago having suffered from Dutch Elm Disease, however this has been in a safe place under several feet of water for the past hundred years or so having originally been used to shore up the banks of a local tributary which collapsed many, many years ago.

While in the water the wood has been exposed to decades of water erosion and we are left with a dark, deeply riven hard wood full of character, fresh water barnacles and in some places nails.

These pieces will be displayed as tables in another original ‘Driftwood’ concept Phil has created, creating the impression the wood is floating down a stream.

As with any new concept, ideas ebb and flow and keen to explore other styles Phil has created wall pieces to produce seascapes that provide greater scope for imagination and colour.

Phils Aurora Borealis captures the movement and colour of that amazing evening sky and are also backlit with LED lighting and provide a contrasting day and night vista.

Although similar in style each piece is unique and very individual in colour and form. The tables at present are limited in size solely due to the experimental processes employed though every intention to scale up to larger tables is planned.

For additional provenance the wood is sourced locally, often from the nearby Englefield Estate (www.englefieldestate.co.uk). For TV buffs this is the location setting of the Netflix series The Crown and the 2017 wedding of Pippa Middleton, sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Phil has also commenced design on his own style of Coastal benches and in the process of creating an exciting range of contemporary seating.

This project has been a challenge and when challenged we find solutions. The end result is a delightful piece of functional art, rustic in style, providing contrasting colour, light with the impression of motion.

If you have any questions or would like to either purchase or commission a piece, please use the details in the contact section.


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