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Hi and welcome to Phil Allen Art Furnishings.

In 2017, after a few years of exploring product design I was inspired by an amazing guy from North America called Greg Klasson who was I believe the origin of the now often copied River Tables.

Being a bit of a rebel I’m not comfortable doing what others do but felt compelled to make something similar with my own original stamp.

Having a nautical past and being inspired as a frequent driver of the Pacific Coastal Highway in California, visions of the ocean beckoned. I asked myself the question, how can I replicate the fantastic scenery of the Big Sur, with its rugged coast and turquoise to deep emerald seas, but all importantly capture the movement of the ocean in a piece of furniture.

Answer. No idea.

Solution. Experiment.  With little experience in wood, composite resins or furniture design I fortunately found a kindred spirit in a chap called Leon who resides in a neighbouring South Oxfordshire Village. Leon knows his wood (please look at his rustic chairs on this site) and handy at most other practical functions. With a little insight from him I embarked on my mission to create what are now my Coastal Tables. Envisage the wood being the land then allow your imagination to drift out to a turquoise and emerald moving sea.

It has been a long voyage, but in reality, is just the launch. I'm in the process to evolve this technique into other unique, contemporary, exciting yet rustic, functional art forms so please keep checking.

For a little more information please visit the 'about' page.


Best wishes.



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Click here to see all of our tables

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Click here to see Stools by Leon